Thesis Progress, week 5 / by Ernie Gerardo

Looks like we're hitting that there wall.  I've taken to heart DeAngela's advice to cut back on TV for a while, which means come holiday break, Ernie's doing a binge watch.

However slowly, progress was still made.  For instance, I figured out a Max patch that makes a series of virtual lights activate with specific key presses, which means I can make Max play nice with the Makey Makey.

That is a preliminary version of the Max version of the Scratch file I used to make Better With You work during the IDM show back in May.  Also working on sourcing kids for audience testing, but I want to make sure my minimum product at least has some version of the interaction working properly.

Other than that, all I have are the first draft of the body of my paper and a revised version of my comparative analysis.  Here they are.

The paper

The analysis

This isn't a round up this week, but that's because it's a little less fun.  Let's see what next week brings.