Thesis Progress Roundup, week 4 / by Ernie Gerardo

After my initial meeting with my advisor, I realized that as long as I had some of the practical physical aspects figured out, I could mainly just worry about the interaction of the piece itself and let that dictate the form it takes.

To that end, I met with Adam November for lunch, and we had a long discussion about microcontrollers, conductive materials, and the general user experience of Better With You.  I came away from there with a lot of ideas.  I also finally started making a Max patch that reacts to the Makey Makey.

Dojo on West 4th Street is probably my new favorite Izakaya.

Dojo on West 4th Street is probably my new favorite Izakaya.

In addition to this meeting, I spent a lot of this week just cranking out the deliverables, so here they are:

Comparative Analysis - the fruit of a lot of research on interactive installation pieces.  I have some travel coming up, so perhaps I can find some more out on the road.

Unschedule/Time Spent - It changes every day!

Outline, draft 2 - It's kind of like writing a paper!

On a final note, one task for another class involved finding the target audience for a given product and addressing their pain points, gains, and needs.  I made a little presentation on it, which I'll share here.  This happens to represent my first round of user testing, which took place in May at the IDM show.

See y'all next week!