My two current musical projects are Illegal Disco (where I sing, produce, engineer, co-write, and play a lot of musical instruments alongside my friend Ivan) and Strings for Truth (where I play bass, engineer, produce, and even help with writing, while Scott Morgenthaler writes, plays guitar and sings...Ivan drums in that band too).  Below are our releases, and if you click them, you go to the magical world known as iTunes.

as composer

I do occasionally write for other people's media, like my friend Ivan's podcast (the link is up there, lazy people).  American Slang is an awesome podcast, aimed at students of the English language to teach them about the many colloquialisms of the American version of the King's tongue.  Here's an example of an episode, with theme and incidental music composed by yours truly.

These two pieces were once the background music for my old website, but since people get annoyed if you autoplay music because it's not 1997, I'm instead sticking them here.

As producer/engineer

I'm also one of the head engineer of a place called Soul Search Records in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, started by my good friend and college roommate Brian Caine.  I've had the privilege of working alongside some very talented musicians, and here are some of the releases I've worked on.

mike scala band (Heart On A String, 2012)

Here's one of the first projects I had when we opened the studio.

taylor armstrong (Self-Titled, 2013)

No, not the Real Housewife.  This guy was just eighteen when we recorded this, if you can believe it.  In addition to engineering, I also played banjo and organ on this EP.

the archives

Oh, so you want to go deep, huh?  Okay, here are a few tunes from my college days.  I'll let you know what role I played, as well as who else was on each track.