Project #2, part 1: Let This Unicorn Sell Your Child Products / by Ernie Gerardo

Hoo boy, are you ready for a lot of pictures?

To start, my partners in crime on this venture are the always-awesome Brigid Walsh and Dan Meretzky.

The assignment is to make an e-commerce site for these wonderful unicorn lovers.


Mythical creatures make great toy store mascots.  We were given a list of forty-eight STEM-based toys/maker kits, as well as three personas who each had a unique goal when browsing this site.

What’s the first thing I did?  I had lunch.  The second thing was to meet with these cats right away, and draw out our sitemap and wireframe concepts.


imageSee what I mean about all the pictures?  We also had to set up an hierarchy of needs for each of our personas, Bev (a grandma who wants to seem cool), Charlie (an software millionaire with nieces and nephews), and Linea (a 30-something mom who just wants to know the return policy).

From there, we were able to determine user flows for each persona.


Bev’s user flow

imageCharlie’s user flow

Linea’s user flow

In addition to these flows, we also categorized the products, which allowed us to determine how we would sort in the shop section.

…and here’s where we ended up.

Coming up in part 2, we work out a more formal sitemap and a few wireframes.

It’s coming quite soon, promise.