Project #1 Deliverables / by Ernie Gerardo

If you saw the last two entries, you are probably up to speed on the process, as well as the problem being solved, including seeing what the paper prototypes looked like.  Having said that, here’s a breakdown in the form specified in the assignment:

PROBLEM: Neill wants to know where on the New York City Subway he can access WiFi, especially for his commute to school.

SOLUTION: An app with a database that has wireless access on every stop in the MTA.

PROCESS: After a phase of research, which included both going online to determine which stations were officially outfitted with WiFi, as well as physically visiting several subway stations to determine if they receive a cellular signal, based on cellular data standards (LTE, 3G).

Subsequently, the paper prototype was designed to provide a straightforward list of lines, stations, and station information, so that within two intuitive steps, the user is able to find WiFi along their route, if it is available.  By following a simple third step, the user can access more detailed information about any station in question.

ITERATIONS: Neill was able to navigate the app with little to no guidance, and did not have many questions about how to operate anything.  His only suggestions were a slight expansion in scope, so the second version was updated to include station and cellular information.


Example of a station information page in iteration 2

If you want to try it in POP, here it is!