Project #1: Neill's Subway Adventure, part 2 / by Ernie Gerardo

…and welcome to the alpha, kids.  To review, my buddy’s problem is finding a station with WiFi in the New York subway system.  The cruel irony is that if he’s already underground, he can’t look it up.  Until now.  Behold, the paper prototype for UGNet.


It’s basically just a database of subway stations that have WiFi, or lines with varying degrees of it.

I was especially proud of my little cardstock iPhone.


I met up with Neill on Thursday to get his thoughts on my paper prototype.  Due to the rather small scope of the app, he got through it quickly.

Here’s the basic workflow:

Here are a few more screens of the app:

image Start Screen

image Example of a line with varying degrees of wifi.


Having put him through the testing phase, I moved on to having him use it on my iPhone using the Prototype on Paper (POP) software.  No pictures of that right now since he had to use my phone to do it.

In terms of the original goal, expectations have been met.  I’m sure there’s a wider scope I can shoot for on this app, but maybe that can be discussed in class.  For now, UGNet now was a workable prototype.