Week 13, THANXGIVINGZZZZ!!!1! / by Ernie Gerardo

The thing is mostly made. The project, that is. All that's left to do is finish up the flourish (that is, get individual components to light up according to what key is pressed.

The other thing will be made tomorrow. That is, our turkey dinner.

As of now, I have confirmed that Kevin Irlen will be my external advisor, so all there is to do on that front is give him a copy of my paper next week and then figure out the best day for my defense.

As such, my focus has turned to writing. Sriya and I have agreed to an editing exchange, which makes her the third person to read my paper and the second to edit.

Here's the paper for now. By next week, it'll be completely done, but there's nothing wrong with showing your bones.

Enjoy the holiday. I believe this is what we call the home stretch.