Accountability Time, USA / by Ernie Gerardo

Since we both had our mid-semester progress meetings with DeAngela today, Donovan and I decided to just catch up on where we were at with our projects.  I won't get into my own views on my process in this posting since you'll most likely see it in this week's roundup, but here's the gist of what we talked about...

Donovan, doing his best Mileena from Mortal Kombat impression.

Donovan, doing his best Mileena from Mortal Kombat impression.

The biggest wins on his end included getting to talk to a real astronaut, who in turned put him in touch with other astronauts.  From there, he was able to determine that what astronauts really wanted during the long haul in space were pictures of the home world, which gives his virtual reality project a more practical measure.

Furthermore, he found a great book (it's in the picture, it's just really blurry) that specifically discusses the psychology of the space-bound.  It offers him some pretty great insight into the minds of those who spend months at a time in our final frontier, and explores what they may need for long-term space travel.

In my own discussion, I demoed some visual feedback from my Max patch.  Then we talked about Star Wars for like five minutes.  Productive meeting, and I'm glad he has some great new resources to use for his project.