Welcome To The Circus / by Ernie Gerardo

First off, congratulations to the New England Patriots, who proved that being evasive about whether or not you tampered with sports equipment can only lead to good things.  That’s right kids, I bypassed the month of January, having survived both the Snowpocalypse, and the Lego Movie getting snubbed for an Oscar.  If you’re looking for what’s I’ve been up to between the last post and this one, here’s a hint…

That’s right, among other things, I finally got Soul Search Records up and running again in our new home, just five minutes from the old one.  That means my Midtown Manhattan peeps are still going to have to take Route 46 out to Parsippany-Troy Hills, but I assure, you, our proximity to the best sandwiches in the Tri-State Area makes it worth it.

In other news, my homies at the MAGNET just put in a badass new motion capture system, and (with a little help from yours truly) finally have their recording studio up and running.  And now I’m probably going to continue to use this blog as a platform for displaying all my Ideation and Prototyping projects.  You’ll also notice a new tag to the navigation up top.

It’s there because I’m in PRE-THESIS!  Man, I can already feel the sleep deprivation!  Anyway, this is going to be a hell of a journey, so if you want to see where I’m at with it, I’ll be constantly updating it.

That’s all for now, be good kids.